Heavy Base Skids with Load Bearing Boards

When shipping items internationally and to the military, it is imperative that they’re packaged in a specified manner. It’s not acceptable to choose just any type of packaging, and the proper packaging must be accompanied by appropriate skids and load bearing boards to help maneuver and handle your shipments. Heavy base skis with load bearing boards are necessary, depending on the size and type of shipping crate that you have.

What is the purpose of skids and load bearing boards?

Skids and load bearing boards are necessary when transporting, stacking and storing wooden plates in order to keep the packages immobile, so they won’t slide around and possibly sustain damage. Skid and load bearing boards are also necessary to streamline the entire process of loading the crates. The heavier your shipment is, the more supportive the skids and load bearing boards must be in order to accommodate these heavy weight shipments.

So, for extremely heavy wooden crates, heavy base skids with load bearing boards will not only ensure that your crate remains intact and that no damage is sustained on the exterior, but it also ensures that the contents of your shipping crates are protected, as well. Without adequate pallets, it can increase the difficulty of managing your shipping crates and even moving them from one point to another during transport, which can increase the chances of damage resulting.

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The need for custom heavy base skids with load bearing boards

Wooden shipping crates come in all shapes and sizes, as there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the proper pallets to accompany these crates. While standard pallets come in a single size of 48X40″, custom crates will obviously come in the specific size that you need to accommodate your shipping crates. If you have an irregularly-shaped heavyweight wooden crate that you’re shipping internationally or to the military, then you have the option of building your own pallet or opting to purchase one that is premade. Kaiser & Johnson offers a wide variety of custom wooden pallets for sale, so you don’t have to stress about building yours and ensuring that it meets the specific requirements.

Without skids and load bearing boards, it can be quite a challenge to transport shipping crates, because your crates will be shipped among numerous others, so there must be a uniform, well-planned system to get your crates onto whichever platform they need to be placed on for transport, and also to ensure that your shipping crates arrive at their destinations within the expected period of time.

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Who are Kaiser & Johnson?

Kaiser & Johnson is an export packaging expert that has been assisting various businesses with their international and military shipping needs since 1995. Kaiser & Johnson offers a wide array of products and services that can take the pressure off your company and its employees. Kaiser & Johnson prides itself on providing high-quality service to all our clients, and we’re prepared to do the same for you. Whether you’re looking for materials in which to ship your military and international products, or you need something a bit more in-depth when it comes to services, Kaiser & Johnson can evaluate your needs and come up with a specific plan to accommodate you.

So, don’t continue to struggle with finding the proper shipping crates, pallets and other materials to fit your custom packages that you will be shipping to the military and overseas. Allow Kaiser & Johnson to provide you with everything you need to ensure that your entire experience goes as smoothly as possible. We will not only provide you with the necessary materials and supplies that will meet specific military and international guidelines, but we can provide packaging services, so that all you would be responsible for is providing the products to be shipped. Contact us today for more information. 


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