Special Type Skids for Shipping

If you’re going to be shipping goods internationally and to the military, then you need to be aware of the special rules that must be adhered to regarding packaging. International and military shipments must be packaged in custom shipping crates, and there is a specific type of crate that must be used depending on the goods that you’re shipping. Many of these shipping crates require greater support due to their weight, and also in order to make, loading, handling and transporting the crates easier. Here is an overview of special type skids to provide protection for heavy duty shipping crates.

What Exactly are Special Types of Skids for Shipping?

Skids used for protecting large and heavy-duty shipping crates are pallet-like pieces of wood that are equipped with screws and bolts in order to secure the crates. It is a requirement by the United States government that certain shipping crates be accompanied by skids, because without the proper skids, the contents inside the crates could become damaged or even completely destroyed. The skids are a form of insurance that your shipping crates will be properly protected so that they will arrive at their expected locations completely intact, in a timely manner.

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Where to Obtain Custom Skids for Shipping Crates

Unfortunately, you can’t go to the local post office, UPS or Fed-Ex store and expect to purchase custom skids for your international and military shipments. In order to obtain these special skids, you must contact a company that specializes in supplying materials for shipping crates. You could also build your own skids, but they must be adequate for your crates and meet certain specifications. If they fail to meet certain specifications, then your shipments will be rejected and will not arrive at their expected destinations.

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Types of skids available

Of course, every crate is going to be a different size, shape and weight, but here are just some of the types of skids that you will find available at some of the companies that specialize in providing shipping crates, pallets, skids, and other international and military packaging materials.

  • Cylinder Pallets – intended to secure tubing, piping and various other types of cylindrical-shaped goods
  • Big & Strong Pallets – these specially made skids are able to properly secure heavy machinery and similar items
  • General Heavy-Duty Skids – these custom skids are made very durably to secure a variety of equipment
  • Long Heavy-Duty Skids – these skids are able to accommodate very long crates and shipments, for maximum security

These are just some of the custom skids that you can find at many specialists’ crate stores. If none of these crates are appropriate for your particular shipment, then you can rest assured that one will be built to accommodate your goods.

Avoid the Challenge of Finding Appropriate Shipping Materials

Sometimes, finding the proper skids for your crates can be a challenge, as you must ensure that the skids will provide complete and proper support for your specific shipping crates. Kaiser & Johnson, who has been in business over 25 years, has been making the lives of businesses easier by providing expert wood export packaging and shipping for them. Not only do they build custom crates, skids, and more, but they also manage all your shipping and exporting needs, from A to Z.

So, if you’re tired of searching for crates, skids and other materials for shipping packages internationally and to the military, then allow Kaiser & Johnson to manage it for you. Kaiser & Johnson can expertly handle all of your packaging and shipping, regardless of the amount, but they are knowledgeable of all the rules regarding customs, as well. Kaiser & Johnson will ensure that all your shipments arrive at their expected destinations in an efficient and timely manner. Give them a call today for a quote, and you will wish you had called sooner.

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