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Clients that utilize our MIL-SPEC packaging and bar code marking services are usually prime or sub-contractors for the Department of Defense. We package non-hazardous products per the contract’s packaging data, prepare MIRR’s (Material Inspection & Receiving Reports / DD250 forms), provide Bar Code labels, Military Shipment Labels (2D MSL’s), and RFID labels (Radio Frequency Identification) when required (per DFARS#252.211.7006). All packaging marking is in accordance with the latest revision of MIL-STD-129. We can also transmit the ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice) to WAWF (Wide Area Workflow) containing relevant data for your contract shipments (Requires adding our cage code to your WAWF account as the “cage-extension”).

We can provide UID tags (UID Type 2, label size 1×3) but these are only sold when we handle the packaging of the parts. UID (Unique Identification) is “Direct Part marking” which is found in MIL-STD-130. When required (per DFARS #252.211.7003), we will affix the UID label directly on your part prior to packaging.

Government source inspections for packaging only are conducted at our facility by Quality Assurance Representatives (QAR’s) assigned under DCMA Chicago (S1403A). We can also obtain the government issued Commercial Bill of Lading from DCMA St. Louis’ (S2605A) Transportation Office, when your contract’s delivery freight terms are “FOB Origin”(Government to pay freight charges).

We also work with Boeing Direct Ship Spares orders for subcontractors fabricating aircraft spares, requiring direct shipment to other Boeing facilities or DoD depot locations. Our standard packaging practice is in accordance with MIL-STD-2073 latest revision.

Some of the most commonly items packaged and shipped are heating & cooling units, aircraft spares & ground support equipment, diesel engines, turbochargers, generators, vehicle parts, etc.

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