ASTM-D7478 Heavy-Duty Lumber & Plywood Sheathed Wood Crates

The ASTM-D7478 wood crates come in two classes, class one and class two, each with its own base style. These wood crates are the largest in the industry and can accommodate as much as 30,000 pounds of items being shipped overseas and to the military.

Class one ASTM-D7478 sheathed wood crates are constructed using plywood, and they’re nailed shut with a skid base. Class two crates are constructed with lumber, and they’re bolted shut with a sill base, which increases their durability.

However, both classes of crates are very dependable and sturdy and can withstand very harsh conditions without sustaining damage.

What is ASTM-D7478?

ASTM-D7478 is a standard classification that dictates how a wooden shipping crate must be constructed. These shipping crates are constructed to accommodate up to 30,000 pounds of goods, and they’re able to withstand outside storage in any type of weather, as well as stacking, unlike light and medium duty crates.

Class one and class two ASTM-D7478 shipping crates may be used interchangeably, since they can both hold the same maximum weight, yet when weight is a deciding factor, a class two container should be used, as the crate is lighter due to lack of diagonal and thinner wood material. 

ASTM-D7478 dictates that style B of these shipping crates must be used when it’s necessary to ship items such as disassembled vehicles. Demountable crates, which are type two, should be used whenever a crate must be reshipped to a second location. 

According to the specifications of ASTM-D7478, it is sometimes permitted for alternate materials that are used in their construction. However, if alternative construction material is used, the finished product must equal or even exceed the durability of crates constructed with plywood and lumber. 

The specification of ASTM-D7478 also states that since a safety protocol was not pre-established for these crates, the users of these shipping crates must create their own safety and health practices to ensure that everyone who handles these shipping containers remains free from any harm. 


What are ASTM-D7478 shipping crates used for?

ASTM-D7478 shipping crates are approved for use with shipping any miscellaneous products. 

ASTM-D7478 shipping crates are used for very large and heavy shipments, since they can hold up to 30,000 pounds. These large shipping containers are extremely sturdy and can withstand the harshest treatment when it comes to inclement weather, rough shipping and handling, as well as storage areas without temperature control.

These crates are perfect for military shipments due to their high durability, as military shipments are sometimes left unopened for up to four years at a time, so the shipping crate must have the ability to last for a long time.

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