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If your business will soon be shipping crates of goods to overseas and military customers, then you are likely aware of the numerous rules that the government has set forth regarding these types of shipment. The shipments must be packaged in appropriately sized crates that can hold the full weight of your shipment. If your crates aren’t the appropriate size and can’t properly accommodate the weight, then your crates will be rejected, and your customers won’t receive their orders. It is especially important to seek the proper shipping equipment and supplies, and finding the appropriate materials for oversize and extremely large packages can be especially challenging.

What Exactly are Shipping Pallets?

Pallets are wooden pieces of material that are used to provide support for crates and other shipments that will be sent overseas and to the military. Pallets keep your shipments secured, significantly reducing their chances of becoming damaged during transport. For oversized and especially large shipments, you must obtain oversized pallets or have a large pallet custom made.

Pallets can be made from other materials aside from wood, including metal and plastic, but many shippers prefer wooden pallets because of their strength and durability. When sending oversized shipments overseas and to the military, durability is very important. If your pallet is damaged during transport, then it isn’t going to be in any shape to properly protect your crate. Some shipments weigh in excess of 30,000 pounds, so sometimes plastic just isn’t quite sturdy enough to handle such weight.

Metal pallets are quite expensive, which is why many shippers choose plastic or wood as alternatives. However, metal pallets are expensive for a reason, because they’re reusable, easy-to-clean, extremely durable and able to accommodate oversized, extremely heavy items with no problem.

large wood pallet

When Should Pallets be Used?

You should always use pallets when shipping large crates of goods, regardless of weight. Even in instances when you’re shipping smaller, lightweight crates, pallets should be used. You don’t want to take the chance on your shipments becoming damaged or destroyed.

Pallets make it easier to not only store your shipments during transport, but they also provide support for crates. Transport trucks don’t always experience smooth rides, and the rough roads can sometimes cause crates to jostle around. Pallets help to secure shipments, preventing items from jostling around and potentially becoming damaged.

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Where to obtain oversize and large custom pallets

You must find a specialty company that custom makes pallets for your shipments. Many companies that deal with international shipping offer various sized pallets, but not all of them offer oversized or large custom pallets, which is why it’s necessary to find the right company. You can scour the internet for the right international shipping supply company, but with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Kaiser & Johnson is a specialty company that not only sells wood supplies and equipment for overseas and military shipments, but they also provide full-service shipping options, so you never have to contend with a shipment again. For some businesses, it can be quite tedious to seek out proper shipping supplies as well as contend with everything else involved in the international and military shipping process. This is why companies like Kaiser & Johnson exist, in order to eliminate any and all stress by managing every aspect of shipping goods overseas and to the military.

So, instead of performing the time-consuming and stressful work of locating all the proper shipping equipment and more, why not allow Kaiser & Johnson to manage all your shipping needs? Give Kaiser & Johnson a call today for a quote. Many businesses are astounded at how affordable it really is to allow a professional outside agency to manage all of their more complicated shipments, and once they sign up for services, they often wish they had done so a lot sooner.

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