ASTM-D6880 Lumber Crates

ASTM-D6880 lumber crates are special shipping crates constructed of wood that are used when shipping items internationally and to the military. It is imperative that you choose the proper lumber crates when shipping packages to the military or overseas. When shipping items to the military, it is required that the crates have the ability to last for extended periods of time, sometimes as long as four years.

With such an abundance of shipping crates available, you must ensure that you have the proper crate. Some crates can only hold up to a certain weight, and ASTM-D6880 lumber crates cannot hold in excess of 1000 pounds. Depending on the specific type of ASTM-D6880, it may hold only 600 pounds of weight, as some of the ASTM-D6890 lumber crates are made in a sturdier manner since there are two styles.

Style one is constructed of a plywood base, and style two is constructed of a lumber base, which is what makes the base sturdier and able to accommodate more weight. However, before placing more than 600 pounds in an ASTM-D6880, be sure to confirm that the crate is ASTM-D6880 II, as it could result in damage to the crate itself, as well as loss or damage to its contents.

ASTM-D6880 lumber crates can sometimes be modified to be used as a slate or open crate. Modified ASTM-D6880 shipping crates are used in a different manner and can no longer be used for shipping goods to the military.


What is ASTM-D6880?

ATSM-D6880 is a specification that dictates how a shipping crate must be constructed. These wood boxes are constructed and then placed in one of two classifications according to how durable it is. There are also six styles, which vary depending on the structure of cleats and joints, and there are two types of treatments. The government recommends that the boxes be constructed using recycled materials, with fasteners that meet specific guidelines. The side and joint of each carton should be constructed using the advised techniques.

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ASTM-D6880 boxes are the most commonly used shipping crates in the United States as well as overseas. They are more appropriate for light duty shipments, as they can only hold up to 1000 pounds of items. 

The ASTM-D6880 shipping crates are used for the shipment of various miscellaneous products, and since they’re able to be secured well enough for their contents to last up to four years, they are perfect for military shipments. However, in their modified or open version, they are no longer appropriate for most military shipments.

Class one ASTM-D6880 wood-cleated boxes can accommodate miscellaneous goods up to 600 pounds, while the class two crates can hold up to 1000 pounds. Grade A crates have been treated with a preservative, Grade B are crates that haven’t been treated with preservatives or fire retardants, and Grade C ASTM-D6880 wood crates have been treated with fire retardant.

The functioning of wood-cleated boxes with skidded, load-bearing bases depends on the style of wood shipping container chosen; therefore, a variety of types, styles, and classes reflecting varied performance are specified.

This specification does not cover box performance in inclement weather conditions, under rough handling or shipping, or in storage conditions that are not ideal.  

Sometimes alternate materials are permitted to be used for the construction of these shipping crates, but the crate’s performance must be equivalent to or exceed the functionality that these crates would be if they were created using the specified materials.

ASTM-D6880 and the numerous other shipping crates can be confusing to deal with, as they must be constructed properly and not overfilled. A dependable shipping broker who has experience of packaging and shipping crates of all types, like Kaiser & Johnson. Kaiser & Johnson has many years of experience in international shipping packages for customers of all types. Give Kaiser & Johnson a call today for a quote.

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