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Our skidded wood boxes and crates are custom manufactured per the customer’s size & weight capacity requirements. Custom wooden shipping containers can be built per the customer’s engineered blueprints if required, or we can design and fabricate a container to meet your needs. We specialize in durable heavy-duty wood boxes and crates for extra large loads. We also manufacture military type boxes in accordance with federal specifications.

The most commonly purchased shipping boxes we manufacture are fabricated in accordance with ASTM-D6251 Plywood-cleated boxes (Formerly Fed. Spec. PPP-B-601), ASTM-D6256 Wood-cleated Boxes with Skidded, Load-Bearing Bases (Formerly Fed. Spec. MIL-B-26195), ASTM D6880 Crates, Lumber (Formerly Fed. Spec. PPP-B-621) and ASTM D7478 Crates, Lumber and Plywood Sheathed, Nailed & Bolted (Formerly Fed. Spec. MIL-C-104).

Kaiser & Johnson also offers collapsible plywood-cleated boxes. These boxes come with pre-fabricated walls, bases & lids. The walls are attached to the base using metal spring-lock fasteners (Klimp fasteners). The only tool you need to assemble is a hammer to snap the fastener securely in place. The claw of a hammer is used to remove the fasteners. These boxes can be reusable and can ship knock-down (flat) to save on freight and space!

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