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If you’re going to be shipping packages internationally, then you need to be aware of the specific guidelines that must be followed. It’s not possible to simply place items to be shipped internationally into a crate and expect them to arrive at their destination. Here is an overview of the packing and crating guidelines for international shipments.

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The Bug Stamp per ISPM-15

Certain insects and rodents are attracted to the wood material of many international shipping crates, which can spread pests and diseases to other countries and damage their ecological systems. To prevent this from occurring, all lumber purchased by Kaiser & Johnson must undergo a special heat treatment process intended to decontaminate wood so that pests and diseases aren’t spread. Once crates or pallets are built from heat treated lumber, they will receive what is referred to as the IPPC-HT bug stamp per ISPM-15 compliance.

Customs Requirements

To ship crates internationally, the crates must go through customs for approval. Each country has its own forms that must be completed, which could prove to be very confusing if you’re shipping to multiple countries. These customs forms must be completed thoroughly and accurately, and any question that the forms aren’t completed properly can cause a delay in shipment. Here is a list of all the documentation that must accompany each international shipment. It is imperative that you’re familiar with this required documentation before shipping:

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  • Certificate of Origin – certifies that the contents originated in a certain country
  • Bills of Lading – a receipt that provides a comprehensive list of the contents of a shipment
  • Export License – this isn’t always applicable
  • Dock Receipts – these receipts are released by warehouse employees certifying receipt of a shipment
  • Certificates of Insurance – these documents state the type and degree of coverage on a shipment
  • Commercial Invoices – this document provides proof of the sale between the seller and buyer
  • Consular Invoices – this document certifies the contents of the specific shipping pallet
  • Inspection Certification – certifies that a shipment contains exactly what a customer ordered
  • Export Packing List – a detailed form that reports the specifics of each item contained in the shipment
  • Destination Control Statements – state that the goods being shipped are destined for a particular country
  • Warehouse Receipts – provide proof of receipt and ownership of a shipment

Despite the fact that some of these documents might appear redundant, it is necessary to have all of the documentation completed properly before a shipment is accepted. Since the process is very extensive, many exporters opt to invest in packing and crating services professionals, otherwise known as shipping brokers.

What is a Professional Shipping Broker?

A professional shipping broker is a company with expertise in the entire shipping process of international crates. A shipping broker can ensure that your packages meet all the guidelines, so you won’t have to worry about your packages failing to reach their destinations in a timely manner. A professional shipping broker will complete all the steps necessary to get your packages through customs, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for your packages to reach their destinations.

Most companies shipping crates to international customers opt to hire a shipping manufacturer with knowledge and expertise in the industry. Not only can hiring a professional shipper to save you time and frustration, but it can give you peace of mind, so you can trust that all your international packages will reach their destinations, securely, and without delay. Give Kaiser & Johnson a call today, as they have decades of experience providing international and military shipping services to their customers. Not only will Kaiser & Johnson ensure that all your international packages are packaged securely, but they will ensure that your packages meet all the necessary guidelines so they can make it through customs in a seamless manner.

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