December 14th, 2021

Are you looking for a reliable way to ship your products from place to place? If so, you may be thinking about using wood pallets. At the same time, you need to make sure that you select a material that is strong enough to support your requirements. What are a few examples of wood that might be used in shipping pallets? Learn more below, and remember to reach out to a professional with any questions or concerns. A Block Pallet One of the most popular options is called a block pallet. This is a specific shipping device that has been designed to have four options for entry. There is a structure that allows a forklift to access the pallet from just about any direction. Therefore, it is easy to move this pallet from place to place. Typically, this is built using blocks of solid wood. Therefore, it can support a significant load. Usually, it is constructed with nine separate blocks that support up to seven deck boards on top. If you have ever spent time in a warehouse, there is a good chance that you have seen these pallets floating around.  A Stringer Pallet You may have also seen something called a stringer pallet. Also called a two-way palate, it has been designed to be lifted by a forklift from one of two sides. There are typically stringers that run between the bottom and top of the deck boards, giving the pallet its name. The sizing of the pallet can change depending on the length of the stringer. This is another pallet that you may be able to customize to meet your needs.  A Winged Pallet In addition, you may have heard about something called a winged pallet. This is a bit different from the other options, and it has an overhang created by the deck boards that give the pallet its name. This is a talent that is typically designed to have the boards cut flush. Then, the blocks and stringers are lined up underneath them. Even though not every company requires this type of pallet, it can be helpful in specific situations.  If you are looking for a specific type of shipping pallet that can help you, count on our team to assist you. We would be happy to guide the way and help you find the best type of shipping pallet to meet your needs.  Kaiser & Johnson Uses Oak Lumber in Shipping Pallets In the end, even though there are lots of materials available, oak is one of the strongest options. You need to make sure that your products are going to survive the journey. That is why we always use wood to manufacture our shipping pallets. This is a material that has been specifically designed to stand up to wear and tear, so you know it can protect your products from harm.  If you are looking for help getting your product from place to place, it would be our pleasure to help you. We are Kaiser & Johnson, and we have an unparalleled level of experience when it comes to wood crates and shipping pallets. We would love to put our experience to work for you as well. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you!